Sighthound Stories


Our Journey Through Four Continents

For this fantastic book, well-known animal welfare advocates from many countries around the world have come together to draw attention to the plight of sighthounds, and to report from their own experience about the suffering and injustice done to these gracious dogs.

Now Available!

Now Available!

It’s finished – a significant project is ready to be introduced. The SIGHTHOUND STORIES – OUR JOURNEY THROUGH FOUR CONTINENTS is on the market!

Our wonderful book has 412 pages, and it is full of captivating texts and beautiful hand-drawn illustrations. Well-known animal welfare advocates have supported us with their touching reports and amazing background information.

Rating: especially valuable!

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Volume 1

Volume 1

We cordially invite you to smile, laugh, and cry with us, and to empathize with us. Let yourself be carried away by our great fascination – the sighthounds!

A book for sighthound friends and those who desire to become one.

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